In identical volume in which Heckert ( 2002 ) called and you can explained “R”
A right quadratojugal shed its dorsal techniques (UCMP 195219; Profile 14e) is close to the same in shape to that out of Roentgen
Many of revealed pearly whites of Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti out of UCMP 7308 been away from community count CLC thirty-six/8 (UCMP 139564 so you can 139,575), with the exception of one tooth out-of CLC (UCMP 139563). hunti, Heckert and you will Lucas ( 2002b ) discussed
50 short square osteoderms about same locality, assigning them to juveniles of one’s aetosaur Calyptosuchus wellesi. As detailed by the Irmis, Parker, ainsi que al. ( 2007 ), this type of osteoderms (Data 14i, j) are identical regarding the ones from Roentgen. callenderi. Most of the specimens have an elevated prior bar and you can faintly incised commonly spaced rounded pitting with an arbitrary arrangement, a character state consolidation if not book so you’re able to Roentgen. callenderi. Based on the related and you can articulated specimens regarding R. callenderi out of PEFO, the former is paramedian osteoderms on rear cervical, dorsal, and you will prior caudal regions of your body, while the second morphology belongs to the a great deal more distal caudal region of armor carapace. Many osteoderms revealed by Heckert and you may Lucas ( 2002b ) possess the same career amount due to the fact Krzyzanowskisaurus hunti white teeth, CLC thirty six/8.
When you look at the exploring uncatalogued issue of area UCMP 7308, Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al. ( 2007 ) as well as identified several cranial issue referable so you’re able to Revueltosaurus off occupation urban area CLC 36/8, an around over leftover squamosal (UCMP 165205; Contour 14g) (wrongly detailed because the the right squamosal inside Irmis, Parker, mais aussi al., 2007 ), and you may a partial quadrate (UCMP 165206; Shape 14f). Brand new squamosal (UCMP 165205) are same as a similar function maintained throughout the PEFO Roentgen. callenderi specimens; it is triradiate, that have more substantial prior process that broadens anteriorly, and you may small however, collection of posterodorsal and you can posteroventral procedure. […]